Covid, the threat that keeps coming back, whether you believe it exists or not, this whole thing is almost as annoying as the generation that follows yours. The Australian government bowed down to pressure, allowing professional sporting stars and other immigrants from India to come back to our country. With the return, the Indian variant of Covid-19 also showed its ugly face on our soil. Well, not mine. I am not a fan of Victoria. The people who live in Melbourne, especially, have a sense of entitlement to them. In others words, they believe they are the bane of everyone’s existence. Okay, okay, not everyone that lives in that state is self-centered clowns. Some are great people. 

Self-centered people exist; unfortunately, we can’t just pop them off the face of the planet; otherwise, America would be a lot less populated, right? It doesn’t matter in what context the self-centeredness occurs. Self-centeredness can affect almost everyone. 

When shopping centers brought out self-serve registers, the amount of “I don’t work here” memes over-filled the internet. The endless supply of stories of people who expect others to bow down to their very needs is crazy. Who raised these buffoons?

I received a call while at work the other day. My daughter had caught the gastro virus, and I had to leave to pick her up—much to my work’s dismay. As I sat in the doctors’ office waiting to see my doctor – a waste of time with gastro, just don’t do dairy. But certificates are needed. I watched the news on the television. Victoria is going into lockdown; I love a good chuckle. A reporter stood at the airport talking to locals looking to fly out. One woman came on. Her words were along the lines of, “We were going to be flying out on Sunday. But with the lockdown, we are trying to get to Queensland this morning. We need our holiday.”

I shook my head. “Bloody Mexicans.” A dangerous strain has hit the area, and it has had close contact with a couple of hundred people, possibly even more, and this person who may or may not has had contact with people is looking at escaping. Self-centered.
On my way home from work last night, the news came on the radio. Two teenagers had tried to flee the lockdown by hitchhiking. Now the age of the two teens hasn’t been released, or I haven’t seen it, but they aren’t older teens by the sounds of things. So, the teens’ immature decisions can be understood there, But for the older woman who would instead risk lives so she can have a “holiday,” is a joke. 

This isn’t the first time that Victorians have tried to flee a Covid rabid state. Since Covid started, Victorians have been the significant spread of the virus. They are running to other states, towns, and cities and passing it on. So with the news of Victoria once again having cases, it isn’t any wonder why the rest of the country is trying to be nice but terrified of what self-centered bums will disobey the rules once again.

Maybe if we wipe out Victoria, we can once again be Covid free. Or a better idea would be for governments to stop thinking about the tourism sector and keep our borders closed to all those who chose to flee Australia when the country first went into total lockdown. 

Stephen Blyse

One thought on “Self-Centered

  1. aguycalledbloke says:

    Wow, you sure don’t like Victorians or even Mexicans. However that ‘judgement’ aside, it’s just people, people from all walks are selfish when it comes to this. Covid is real, and people have always been selfish bastards, it’s that simple. Irrelevant to age – from teenagers to the woman ALL are selfish – l mean stupidity has no age limit. Common sense is also something that seems to miss people as well.

    We have people here that should adopt common sense and still act seriously stupid. When people start acting sensibly and responsibly, only then can we start to get this under control.


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