Poking the Beast

In a world that is collapsing faster than Australia’s internet speed, we can always rely on John Cleese to poke the beast – Political Correctness. With cancel culture trying its hardest to wipe out the Welshman, he continually battles against the cancerous mass.
Hank Azaria’s recent apology sparked comments from both sides of the Apu scale. Racial stereotyping a whole nation based on a fictional character in a fictional convenient store. A source of laughter, for people of every race, since the birth of the show – The Simpsons. Until butthurt, kids born after the Y2K bomb was supposed to drop came on to the scene. 

To be fair, people have been getting offended since the dawn of time; jealousy, damaged ego’s and rivalry have all tumbled down the generations. People are taught from their parents or experience, whether their opinion is correct or caused by hatred. Recently, a primary school made all the male students apologize to the females for rape and other men’s misconduct. In return, the girls were not asked to apologize for the same ordeal, or are we ignoring the fact that women have raped men, women have taken children away from their fathers and taken their money with them while they move in with the next guy. Are we going to ignore the one-nighters? The girls that deliberately sleep with a guy for a night just to fall pregnant result in a messed-up man and kid. 

Cancel culture; political correctness has no space in this world. They march to correct the wrongs that we may believe are wrong. We are wiping out the very foundations that have led us to become stronger and better. This creature they believe is sent to be our savior is going to lead us into a fiery death. 

Just like that of equality, it just isn’t going to bring peace, there are too many opinions in this world, and neither side will let go until they get what they want. The question remains what do they genuinely wish to achieve. In the time passed since I started writing this post, another story flashed up on my phone. One that I had been waiting for in the equality scheme of things. “Disabled car parks ‘discriminatory to abled-bodied people’, man in wheelchair told.” 

I have to admit, I chuckled. I support disabled people having more accessible access to their buildings, workplaces, and shopping centers. But I was half expecting a response like this sooner. You see, you cannot create equality without putting another race, belief, human out in one way or another. We were not created equal; we are equal only in the eyes of the creator. 

Apologies for those who never went through troubled times, by those who have never offended another.
Attacks at celebrities, musicians, and former dictators in the way life once lived but now differ. 
Political marches aimed to oppress another side, expressing beliefs of freedom while destroying and creating a harmful effect through their actions. 

My views may not line up with yours. In some ways, you may see it as I am wrong. I am always open to hearing others’ views, so leave a comment, good or bad. Tell me how you see today’s society and where you believe it is heading.

Stephen Blyse

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