A Losing Battle

It’s that gut-twisting feeling that leads to your heart exploding. Just as if a partner has ripped the blood-pumping organ from behind your ribcage. Exposing it for the world to see while you lay on the floor motionless as the blood starts to coagulate.
The truth is when a keyboard warrior attacks you, it doesn’t matter what you say, they believe they are correct, and at that moment, you are going to be a victim to their attacks. Oh, but don’t tell them that they are an abuser, a bully because, You are the bully, the abuser, the one that they feel justified in burying while they hide behind the glass screens.

Have you ever been in a conversation online and someone was trying to educate you? On a subject, you are pretty good at? It could be in the correct spelling of English words. They then call you illiterate while calling you a ‘looser.’ Yeah, the pain is real. This keyboard warrior has slain you and your illiterate arse with a word that could only be described by telling the imbecile that they should loosen the cap on their head because it affects their spelling. And of course, by doing that, you have now created even more of a war. You are, of course, the abuser, right?

I have been caught up in a fight that I knew I was never going to win. An argument that I would have stopped from happening if I knew which person she was going to comment on in Facebook. There we were sitting on the lounge; my old arse was searching for diamonds on Minecraft, and she, already being in an anxious state of mind, was scrolling through the app that I now try to avoid. The subject a touchy one. And she was boiling. She told me the first name of the poster an old friend, well, much rather an acquaintance. Sharing a post about another mutual friend whom, at the time, I was unaware of having her report of a ‘sexual harassment claim’ deemed case closed due to no other witnesses and the offender refusing to come forward and accept the claim.

We have had friends go through this very process, which has been ruined by false accusations and, unfortunately, lack of evidence in most cases. It is a challenging journey if you are an actual victim of these assaults. Emotionally and physically, the toll this takes out on you is draining. Having friends who would rather play keyboard warriors though in your honor are more taxing on you too. They may seem like they are helping, raising awareness of the current situation, but they could do more damage than good. Not to mention the sympathy likes your friend is now getting on social media. If my wife had said this person’s last name, I would have stopped her from responding. She didn’t, and it wasn’t until she was on the verge of tears that I realized what she had done. She let off fireworks.

I ended my game. There was no point in continuing. This was going to take a while to settle. They had jumped down her throat, by they, I mean women. Women! For fucksake, feminists. My wife, in her own way, was replying to the post. A post stating police should do their job and investigate. But reality doesn’t mean a fairytale, Disney princess ending. I stepped in, trying to calm it down. It didn’t matter. Even though I, too, have been a victim, I am a male.
My wife had a restless night. The women hadn’t stopped to read her message. She stated that, unfortunately, the way it works, many cases are turned over and that she hopes the victim receives all the help she needs to move through this or get the outcome she desires, i.e., charging the assailant.

She wrote a final comment saying sorry and decided to delete all of the comments. Soon after, the poster commented, throwing myself and my wife out to the readers, saying that she had screenshot the comments and that we were dogs for the way we acted.
I had only written one comment. My wife multiple, each time was trying to dissolve an imploding situation. I decided to respond; this time, I would rein this conversation headed by a misandrist. I started the day before I had been a victim. I felt I should repeat that because others that commented with the same message as my wife but added victim to it got all the sympathy. The response – I got off on a technicality. Oh, that did not go down well. Another comment came on, using a name and implying things directly at me. It was a user I used to know. Who blocked me, who played the victim, calling me the sexual harasser. 

Meanwhile, I was the innocent one, she was trying to destroy my relationship back then, and now seven years later, she is still at it. Mental health is really a fucked up problem and yet back then. She was trying to become a social worker.

In the end, I was cast out as a danger to all women. My wife needs help and separation from me, and so forth. I responded one last time, a battle that in itself revealed the toxic levels of women’s hatred towards men who don’t bow to their needs. An old wound re-opened by a woman whose only want is to bring down another family over what? Jealousy? Mental health issues? A yearning for power? I won’t know. She stays hidden, the only proof that she still tries to accuse me, those who mention her in comments. Painting a picture of the fictional monster that I am. 

My last response a typical, “Okay, Whatever. I wish you all the best.” The post then disappeared as I was blocked. Another man they will tell the girls about to be careful of. In reality, it’s far from the truth. I called my wife, who had left for work. I tried to de-escalate an issue that should never have been. I am not the one who sexually harassed the woman they are talking about. But my wife and I got slaughtered by the keyboard warriors all the same. 

Stephen Blyse

Have you ever been taken the wrong way on social media or in real life?

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