Sunday Rhymes 21


I used to have a friend,
A wannabe actress that had it out for men,
For years she tried to land that role,
The one that most dream for or have as a goal,
She was beautiful in her own way,
But her looks would never land her in L.A.
For a long time, she has tried,
And the journey has her brain fried.
Her love life is a terrible mess,
For this, she took on Tinder, and I must confess,
Her attack on men spiraled out of control,
Failed attempts to snag a decent soul,
Looking for romance on a pickup site,
But instead of having fun, she became up-tight,
To Facebook she took,
Mocking the men, on everything except their look,
After months of watching the feminist rants,
I responded like a champ,
Sick of being belittled for being a male,
I told her that women also fail,
Their inability to walk through life without being a sheep,
Following this trend and that cut too deep,
I didn’t need to say that, though,
She belittled a little humor about no kids that he knows.
Comparing it to infidelity and treating women unkind,
But I’m sorry, but a girl did that to a family member of mine,
So I told her that women were on the same level,
And my anti-feminist ass became the devil,
To respond against her belief would set for the end,
For that day, she decided to defriend.

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