Sunday Rhymes 20

Merry Christmas to all my readers, new or old. I wish you all a Merry Christmas. It has been a tough year for many. If this year affected you I wish you a better 2021. Please stay safe and enjoy your day the best way you can.

Christmas Day

It’s that time again,
The day after the shopping done by men,
Yes, Christmas has blessed us with his presence,
Oh yeah, because of political correctness, don’t post pictures of the presents.
It’s that time, where brutal words hide behind compliments,
Where you forcefully eat the ham and sip on cement,
Saving the goodies to tell the shrink,
I would prefer to mutter into a whiskey drink.
It’s that time of year,
Kids arise before the daily sun; Parents lay in bed an impending fear,
A late-night rush,
Presents shoved in a red sack, hush, hush.
It’s that time where eggnog appears,
Who the fuck likes this shit? It isn’t clear,
Family and friends arrive for dinner,
Their cooking, making your burnt turkey the winner.
It’s that time again when all is, done,
A day to rest in bed or the sun,
With Christmas day over,
I thank God I don’t have to stay sober.

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