Sunday Rhymes 19

Been a little bit busy to be able to write. My wife had a pretty decent crash early last week and I have been picking up on the work she usually does around the house on top of my usual stuff and full time work. So I have been drained too, with this emotional time.

The Accident

Tired eyes, lost concentration,
The crunch of metal, the screams of a young boy,
The phone call, left in frustration,
The tow trucks, carry away her favored toy.
Heated moments, tears rolled,
A passerby screaming curses through an open window,
A five-minute delay on their journey home allowed their entitled scold,
A woman shook and worried now added another blow.
The husband worried for their safety,
The words firm and all wrong,
An accident on a freeway could have sent them both away from me,
A broken family, another sad song.
Hospital bound, A night lost,
Friends, contact, and help with food,
A car, gone, a family still together at little cost.
A moment is all it took,
A precious piece of time,
Drive safely, follow the book,
A little error nearly took what is mine.
Listen to the words I say,
No job is worth the price of death,
If you are tired, just don’t go that day,
For it could be your final breath. 

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