Sunday Rhymes 18

A Father’s Life

Being a dad is a step above the rest,
Mom’s always competing,
Just cause you popped the kid out don’t mean you are the best,
Cause honey you didn’t create anything until I completed.
Being a father is a tougher job,
We just don’t get maternal,
A real man just doesn’t turn into a crying sob,
Just because the advice we give is paternal.
Being a leader to a child is a privilege,
Their lives being transformed by our very words,
Wisdom only a father can give,
Powered by a voice seen and heard.
Being a dad requires sacrifice,
Weekends spent carrying the kids around,
When they misbehave we give stern advice,
And laugh when the child hits the ground.
Being a father is harder than being a mom,
We have to work to earn the child’s love,
Planning new adventures, crafts and having fun,
Requires dedication, and work to rise above.
The tired nights that we have,
Putting up with the wife jumping into the bed at all hours,
Dealing with the children and the wife’s new fad,
All while hoping that the woman has a shower.
But it isn’t all bad going being a father,
The wife sometimes gives us a break,
We get to have a drink, leaving the kids with their mother,
After all we deserve it given all the shit they take. 

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