Thursday Songs 1.

In this brief ramble there is a hidden song. The lyrics lay within the scrambled working of how I feel. Can you find the song lyrics, title and the band name?

We live in a corrupted world. We chase misprinted lies. Follow news networks which set out to drive us away from the truth and create mass hysteria. We face the path of time as it leads us down its windy road. In time the truth may be revealed, but it isn’t something we can be entirely sure it will. The left tries to deceive the right and vice versa, an endless turmoil, draining our very souls. And yet I fight, to rid myself of these false storytellers, but they keep coming. Newsfeeds on Facebook sharing another “Fake News” story. It doesn’t matter if I scroll past, block the content, or even respond. The lies have already been spread. Yet I fight, I push on. I warn others of the lies, the hypocrisy that they are preaching, and I can tell you sometimes I feel like I fight this battle all alone.

I’m not saying I am always right in who I believe in this media-driven world. I have been known to choose the wrong side. The issue is we shouldn’t be misled the way that we are, creating a world where if you chose the side no matter if they are wrong or right, you would have no one to cry to, no one will take the time to help fight for the real story. But what happens if it is the government that you want to go against, the very people that run the nation you live in. If you step in the right direction, you could find that you have no place to call home.

Oooh… Oooh…Oooh… Oooh…

My gift of self is raped. You can’t remain hidden in this world. Social media drains the brain cells of every youth that wanders the streets. Eyes glued to the glowing screen. Leave a phone on a table and walk away; I can tell you my privacy is raked, news tabs scoured, messages, bank, and social media looted. And yet, I find that if what I read goes against the grain, I will be critiqued. If I don’t accept another’s narrative, I will be cut down, masqueraded as the villain for not copping out to someone else’s plan. Yet I find repeating in my head the very words that the media wishes upon all those who go against the grain, If I can’t be my own well then who can I be? A person bowing down to the societal needs of someone else? To conform to the belief of others and accept the very thing they are in denial about? If the news and social media continue to force-feed an ideal to conform society, I know I’d feel better dead. In a nutshell, how would you feel? Do you feel that the world of media is changing our lives for the better? Or is poor old Alice in Chains 

Oooh… Oooh…Oooh… Oooh…

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