Sunday Rhymes 17


A married man best live his life in the shadows,
A wife that holds her gaze on his every move,
Every step leads to a trap from a person so shallow,
Her intentions with him to change his groove.
A married woman best live her life in the light,
For the darkened areas house those kinds of men,
Stay within your husband’s sight,
For these guys don’t want to be just your friend.
The city skyline draws in the sinner,
High heels and revealing dresses,
You can’t just go in there to enjoy dinner,
For, those eye glances are leading you to your confesses.
A ring on the finger is a grave mistake,
For those who like to destroy,
They come for you not to give but to take,
Your relationship is under threat to their ploy.

Picture – Mine, View from the penthouse suite we booked for last weekend.

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