Sunday Rhymes 15

Happy Hallow’s Eve

Halloween is upon us; what a fun time,
With cotton candy, sweets, dress-ups, and adventure,
It is a night for horror writers to bring forth grizzly crimes,
Where truth is misconstrued, nothing is candor.

Ghastly ghouls chase away the pumpkin wearing kids,
Where ‘cereal’ killers meet their match with Jason Vorhees,
Celebrators wander the streets, watch out there is a giant squid,
Door knockers begging for a little sweet, a juicy Lollie.

The tradition has changed so much in my lifetime,
From a country hell-bent on not following the Americans,
To a new journey where some houses show the horror signs,
Still, though the thought of knocking on strangers’ doors, I am not a fan.

Those who wish to participate in the fun,
I wish you all the fun and sweets people will leave,
To those who enjoy the history behind the sweets and gum,
I wish you a Happy hallows eve. 

5 thoughts on “Sunday Rhymes 15

      1. aguycalledbloke says:

        Sorry mate, l have just had so much in my mind and on it since suze’s operation last week and how much it made her instantly iller that l have been all over the place. I will catch up soon.

        I literally only really saw the Rorza comment a couple of days ago and was trying to figure how l missed it?

        Liked by 1 person

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