Sunday Rhymes 14

Yeah, yeah it ain’t Sunday. Well I was sick so Shhh.

I Hate Being Sick

I hate being sick, I really do,
It is worse than not being near a toilet when you have to do a number two,
Never mind my nose it’s really red when it cries,
Kind of like my bum after leaving my undies a smelly surprise.

I hate being fluey, it isn’t much fun,
Sneezing and coughing while my nose continually runs,
It isn’t the tissues that you need to worry about,
It’s the sneeze you see it causes me to shout.

I hate the red-eyed glare,
You know the kind that shouts stoners beware,
It isn’t like I’ll steal your bud,
I just need to wash my eyes from another sleepless night crud.

I hate being achy and sore,
Laying around being such a bore,
Books are too hard so the television is playing,
But what the fuck are these people saying.

I hate when I get sick, the flue really is a jerk,
You see when it comes to me I have no time off work,
It isn’t so bad, it’s where I caught it in the first place,
Now I get to go and cough it back in their face. 

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