Sunday Rhymes 13

Crazy Town News

The sneaky women of this Earth,
Weaving their magic to get their arms around a princes’ girth,
Provocative pictures of planned maneuvers,
Daring attempts to make a prince hers.

A missing man now called a recovery,
Taken by a shark, his friends were the last to see,
No luck in finding him by boat or aerial,
Let’s hope he can be found for the family, needs a proper burial.

A woman found floating out to sea by fishermen,
The family tells stories of mental health and cars that are high end,
Something about the whole scenario smells fishy,
I wonder if the family will let you disappear again so quickly.

A disturbing thought one would never wish for,
Waking from a coma to find your husband has run off with a whore,
Now it isn’t nice to call your mother such a name,
But stealing your husband in a life and death situation is not a game.

It is the U.S election and the duchess is at it again,
I believe she is a pain in many a rear end,
It’s a crying shame that she was voted most trolled,
But dear, the fake I didn’t know who he was is getting old.

The news is getting crazier or reporters are bored,
You flick through the pages and the stupidity is by the hoard,
I won’t deny it, people are pathetic wishing for a president to die,
If you are so perfect maybe you should give the presidency a try. 

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