Sunday Rhymes 12

A Rainy Day

The pitter-patter of rain on the roof, heaven’s cry highly awaited,
Slows down the rhythm of the day,
Fast-paced mornings turned sedated,
While the routine begins to sway,

Moments of the past few weeks battle within,
Hours at work, bustling and hurrying to no end,
The loss of a beloved pet, a heartache, where to begin,
The aggressive nature of a new day, another battle to fend.

News thrown at social media sadly written,
The death of Australian sports stars daughter, her battles spread online,
A twelve-day old baby slain when bitten,
Don’t forget Schumacher, the forbidden silence, no-one knows if he is fine.

America is battling an internal fight,
Inferno’s sweep the nation, taking live’s and home’s,
While people protest against who is politically right,
Others shelter, believing that we are in the Revelation zone.

The pitter-patter beats down like a drum,
A hardened beat from up above,
The world needs to slow down and move away from this conundrum,
Hopefully, soon heaven sends out an olive branch, a white dove. 

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