Sunday Rhymes 10

Chadwick Boseman King of Men

A man portrayed a character in a film,
Transported you from earth to the Wakanda realm,
He showed passion, love, and heart,
A beautiful man who has sadly passed.

A battle with a bigger demon,
That has the world bleeding,
People mocked him for his weight loss,
Spreading vicious rumors and goss,

He stood for integrity,
Can’t you see,
It is rare for Hollywood stars,
To shine that far.

A diagnosis hidden from the rest of the world,
He battled till the end, and now it is unfurled.
He pushed his way into our homes,
On big screens and tiny phones.

He portrayed some greats,
Look at what baseball was celebrating on his dying date,
But many more are calling him theirs,
For a man in pain, he showed people what it is like to lead and care.

The pain is too real, a star has gone at a young age,
He might have left the Earth, and the stage,
But he is still in our hearts and in each other,
Rest in peace, my hero, King T’Challa. 

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