Sunday Rhymes 09

Disclaimer: This poem may offend you. If a suicide due to COVID is something you are going through this poem may not be right for you. This is just how I feel. I have lost friends to suicide, I have friends and a child with Autism and I know the depth of depression. I have been on the edge multiple times. A death is a tragic thing no matter what the age. But the truth should not be construed to fit a narrative that makes the victim have more of a plausible reason. As a society we need to be there for others and to be blunt to certain matters. This year many children and teens have committed suicide and for what reason? They couldn’t go outside, their friends couldn’t play? Or was there another reason. In saying this if you have lost your child to suicide I am deeply sorry for your loss.


I read the news today,
I saw the lost and frazzled hasn’t gone away,
Where violence begets violence,
And suicides don’t make sense.

I read the news about the girl who died,
Parents down-playing her suicide,
Saying they only found out she was autistic at fifteen,
That is a little bit bizarre if you know what I mean.

It is a sad day for all to see a young person take their life,
But I still can’t process the mentality over this hype,
Governments freaked over COVID nineteen,
When it has nothing on the other pandemics or so it seems.

Lock yourselves inside,
Don’t go and play, get behind those doors, hide,
But is isolation really that bad?
That you need to wreck your family, making them all sad?

The teenage world nowadays is online,
Happy smiles, fake laughs, I’m fine,
I really am trying,
To understand why they think a few months is worth dying.

The parents seem to be blase,
COVID did it not my lack of parenting, not me,
I know that sounds harsh shame on me,
But I knew my daughter was autistic by the time she was three.

But what ticks my nerve, it isn’t why she died,
It was that they blamed the autistic side,
Don’t go throwing shade at a disability, my friend,
Just because she couldn’t stick out isolation to the end.

I don’t like where this world is headed,
Where we blame everything else but the person, just forget it,
Where true depression gets thrown aside,
Because little kids can’t handle staying inside.

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