Sunday Rhymes

In a world where the truth can be smeared in amongst the darkness of the day, we all need to stick together and fight to get through whatever comes our way.


Pierced screams and scattered lies,
All that remains under the corona skies,
Murder, violence, and thievery,
All continue whether or not it is a conspiracy.

Mushroom clouds and violent airwaves,
No superman there to save the day,
People rushing to get their camera fast,
Not knowing that their life would not last.

Masks cause mini civil wars,
Karen is avenging them, she swore,
Sick people are going to work,
Not caring who this virus would hurt.

Screams subside but cries remain,
Patients die of other causes but change the name,
A virus looms, a new world order plot,
When will it all just stop?

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