Sunday Rhymes 06

This one comes a day earlier then Sunday, but I’m sure you get the point.
A friend, lost his child this week. Something happened at birth that hasn’t been talked about yet. But the pain of nearly losing my own first born, still haunts me and for him it amazes me the strength he has to hold it together after such a rough life thus far. If you have children, give them a cuddle.

Heaven Bound

Grief-stricken, tragedy struck,
It’s good to know when you are fresh out of luck,
A baby born, but not here to stay,
Why, oh, why is it that way.

Two young parents, childless,
Holding their newborn daughter, lifeless,
Trusting in their lesson of God’s grace,
An intriguing hold in today’s human race.

Strength-bound in a state of turmoil situation,
Tears of joy, love, and compassion,
Clash with tears of pain, sorrow, and loss
But for what, was this the cost.

A little one now in the heavens,
Skyward bound, God’s possession,
A nine-month wait now hangs on death,
A crater left, a puzzle piece has gone from our chest.

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