Sunday Rhymes 05

Too much has been happening, black lives matter rallies, looting, killing, hatred and people who are taking to the attack if a person disagrees on the smallest things. When will this all settle? When will the innocent stop being persecuted? And when will those who have done wrong stop being praised as heroes? There is good and bad on both sides, try and remember this before you step up to the next person and attack them just because of the color of their skin.

Stephen Blyse

A Universal Lie

A universal lie has been; told,
a destructive vice, thrown into the fold,
angst arising from the invisible flames,
race, culture, beliefs all against each other in a gladiator-style game.

Pieces fall from the chessboard of life,
black versus white. But what about the browns and yellows in this strife?
Where do we all belong when the lies are all spread thin,
do we still suffer from Eve’s and Adam’s infernal sin?

White privilege, a never-ending fairytale,
where my life is more privileged than yours, that’s a big fail,
I watch from near and afar, the voices screaming to be; heard,
Cries of unfair treatment and abuse have been; stirred.

Two different countries fighting under the same sign,
Black lives matter, but two very different kinds,
one is worthy of the cause while the other seeks attention
all in all, these protests, looting, and violence is causing tension.

Who is right, and who is wrong?
It will never end while people keeping the tunes to the same old song,
On, one hand the past keep’s being brought back to, light,
on the other never, a chance to move forward with life.

Why can’t we all get along?
I am not those who persecuted your ancestors, did them wrong,
Why can’t people see past a color? Why do some react the opposite to what they preach?
When there are faults on both sides, why is it that hard to find peace?

I live by a golden rule, a guideline stated in a book,
take it or leave it but, at least give it a look,
humans can not be; trusted. At one point or another, they will let us down,
It states to love one another. It can be hard at times but, look at all the friends I have found.

A universal lie has been; told,
that the color of your skin determines your worth in fictional gold,
through all this, there is in plain sight a truth,
that violence will never bring forward a truce.

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