Sunday Rhymes 04

Sunday Rhymes on a Tuesday this week. Currently I am in the process of moving, so my schedule will be a little off until all is settled. I hope you enjoy this little poem, no one dies in this 🙂

A Sweet Mess

“This isn’t working,” she said,
Melted chocolate dribbling down her breast,
“You promised me this since we wed!”
As I continued to pour the rest.

“But we aren’t married?! I’m your side chick,”
“Well, that is beside the point,”
The chocolate continued to run down towards her hips,
“Now be quiet I don’t want to disappoint.”

The chocolate started to harden,
So did something else,
I kept the pouring away from her garden,
It was not as smooth as felt.

“Let the licking begin,”
I ecstatically declared, “
But where to dig in?
When her chocolate laden body lay bare.

The breast is a delicacy,
But the hips call my name,
The lips biting down, she is anxious you see,
and her body is driving me insane.

I dive towards the mounded hills,
Is this heaven because if it is I have won,
my fingers working their way between the valley below, giving her thrills,
her body rocking and grinding before my licking is done,

I am not allowed to continue, ordered to get inside,
I didn’t want to stop, my leaning tower insisted,
I’m telling you this she turned around showing me her bare hide,
And even if I said no I couldn’t have resisted.

It was over way too quick,
oh, please don’t think it was my fault,
the wife walked in while I was giving her my stick,
and that fear of being caught gave me the final jolt.

So now that my excitement is over with,
I asked them to stay but both ladies left the room posthaste,
With energy burning, I have so much more to give,
if you are in the area and you like melted chocolate give me a call I do not want this to go to waste.

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