Short Story Thursday 02

Today I came across a guy called bloke’s post a flash fiction challenge. So I thought I would use that to do my short story. The word of the day was Scrutiny and the Prompt was Tiny Curs.
The words that I used from the word of the day are as followed:

in, nut, tin, tiny, cry, scut, run, yin, sun, try. Of course there are many other words I could have come up with but I stuck within the limitations given – 300 words. Hope you all enjoy.

Painted Red

Tears streamed down her face, her olive-colored eyes. Glistening; as light danced, from the sun. Another relationship comes to an end. Strong hints of iron filtered through the air while she closed the blinds, allowing darkness to enter. Dust particles; swirled in the room, highlighted by rays of light breaking through gaps. Her hands smeared fluid across her face as she tried to wipe away her tears. She headed for the bathroom; a cleanup needed, the smell followed. He was not right; she reminded herself. Her friends had warned her. “He is a nut, Cassie. Run while you still can.” “I can fix him,” she remembered saying to them. “I can at least try.”

She was in too deep. Three years of a relationship was too much to throw away. Her faith in him overlooked the darkness in his heart. She had always believed she was the yang to his yin. The light, in his time of gloom.

The tap to the basin turned, with a loud squeak. Vibration from the water rushed through the pipes echoing through the walls. It felt as if a train passed through the tiny apartment. Water splashed upon her cheeks, droplets colored a deep tinge of maroon filled the pool gathering around the drain’s entrance. Her eyes met with those in the mirror’s reflection; a hollowed look returned.

A gasp exhaled from her mouth, a short cry of relief joined with anxiety. Scrutiny in a moment like this – she laughed.
Drying off her face – bruised and battered. She stepped around the body of her man – he will never hit me again, she thought. “They were right; you are no-good you, are a tiny curs!!

She grabbed the rabbit scut that linked on to her car keys and walked out the door.

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