Twisted Sunday Stories 01

To Love and Not Be Loved

Her hand was warm to touch, sweat, trickled down her face and arms.
How was your run?
It was good. A few people are still out running.” Jasmine looked at Jason.
A smile washed over her face as she brushed back her blonde hair.
I’m going to go have a shower, then head off to work.
Okay, babe.”
Jason leaned in to kiss her. She was already heading off.
The sound of the toilet flushing, followed by the turning of the shower taps, allowed Jason to move towards the couch. Jasmine’s phone lay face down. Thrown upon entering the apartment they shared. Picking the phone up, Jason realized that it had been switched off.
Hmm,” Jason muttered to himself, her phone was always on. Her friends always called her. As the phone buzzed into life, Jason listened to the splashing of water as Jasmine moved around.
Clicking on her messages, a new one popped up.
Hey beautiful, once again another amazing morning I can’t wait until we can lay together again. Brandon.
Who the fuck is Brandon.” The shower stopped.
Tapping on the gallery, images of another man cuddled up with his girlfriend. Swiping through, he came upon a video. Opening the video up his eyes wide. Jasmine was naked on top of this man, her hands holding up her hair. Her lips twisted as she bit into them, her hips swaying, as both she and the man, moaned, Jason quickly turned off the phone as the bathroom door opened.
Jasmine walked past a towel wrapped around her body, another around her head. Shaking the images from his mind, he grabbed her hand to pull her close. Her eyes, darting across the couch the phone on the opposite side of where Jason had been, faced down, the way she had seen it land. Jason pulled her near, leaning in for a kiss.
Jason, I told you I have to go to work,” Jasmine said.
Pushing him away from her, the towel dropping, to the ground. Leaving her naked body, exposed in front of him, a mark to the side of her left breast, shone brightly.
Jasmine quickly reached down to grab the fallen towel. Moving towards the bedroom.
Who is Brandon?
Jasmine kept moving, Jason waited. He was hoping for an explanation. He gave her time to get changed before approaching their bedroom door.
Jazz?” He knocked, “Jazz, who is Brandon?
Stepping back from the door, his voice soft ‘We can work this out’ he thought, he could hear rustling in the room, the sounds of bags.
Jasmine, we can work this out.
I don’t want to work it out!” She screamed from within the room.
Come on Jasmine I…I…I love you! I will do anything for you.
Well, I don’t love you!
Jason stepped away from the door, sitting down on the lounge. His head cradled in his hands. He heard the door open to the room, his head still resting, he expected the front door to open and slam. A few minutes rolled on that sound never eventuated.
Wait?! What are you doing? How did you get that?” looking up, Jasmine stood in front of him.
I never loved, you.” A shot rang out, wiping the blood off of her face. Jasmine, turned and grabbed her bags, and walked out the front door.

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