Sunday Rhymes 01

Covid 19 Times

I walk the aisle, an empty view,
drawn towards where the flour once stood,
the sign, posted says take no more than two,
but I have seen families who would.
I have stocked up on toilet paper,
enough to keep us going,
it isn’t fun wiping with a paint scraper,
this skin infection keeps growing.
Told not to go to the shops,
stay home, keep isolated,
but who is controlling this? Not the cops,
some I have seen, sat in the shops and waited.
Held down by a monstrous virus,
or so we believe,
people, crowding the centers in a crazy rush,
seemingly ignorant to a potentially deadly disease.
Keep strong in these challenging times,
walk the roads with caution and care,
with all the luck you will be just fine,
and when the world begins again, I’ll meet you there.

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