Short Story Thursday – 01

The Timber Range Forest

The air tingled an electric feeling that ran shivers down Michael’s arms. The sun’s warmth slowly diminishing as the skies’ colors began to darken. The crunch of gravel beneath his feet did little to help his unease. Shadow’s loomed across the path he wandered on, dancing with the breeze, the occasional leaf would flitter past. The trees from where the shadows grew took an evil turn. Once a joyful forest playground now a torture zone for those who ventured near at dark.
The death of a local girl, a senior, a few years older than Michael, shook the town. Rumors filtered through Helensbourough High, his sophomore class, was advised to stay clear of the Timber Range Forest. In the month, since her death, police have failed to catch the killer, some said it wasn’t human. Other’s believe it was the Olsen brothers who live on the outskirts. The funeral was no help, a closed casket to hide the girl whose life was planted all over social media. The escalated hype of rumors grew since.
The town’s lights began glowing in the distance, as Michael picked up his pace. A slight glow remained where the sun had been, as he looked around. The sound of a stick cracking under a weight sounded from behind him, he turned as a bird flew out from the shrubs. A rush of panic entered his heart, as the last rumor flashed through his mind. A beast that no man has ever seen or lived to tell. Turning to run he tripped, scraping his hands and face across the sharp gravel, pulling himself to his feet, blood dripping from his wound, Michael began to run the lights edging closer.
The Olsen’s house grew closer, his heart pounding as he closed in. They stood on the road, their yelling, muffled under the sounds of his breath. Reaching out for their hands, they turned to run inside. A look of horror filled their faces. Daring to look back, Michael caught a glimpse of the beast’s eyes as it landed on him. Gravel scraped his body as he slid to a stop, the beast’s talon coming down as his world darkened with the night.

I hope you enjoyed this little short story.

Stephen Blyse

7 thoughts on “Short Story Thursday – 01

      1. stephenblysewrites says:

        Ah yes, I had a better read of it as I am currently writing a little story to post shortly. Very interesting concept, the whole karma deal. How do you find the critiquing? Fair or is there a lot of being as you crossed out ripped out lol.

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