Is the death of one page the birth of another?

What drives you to success? Is the constant thumping inside your head creating new ideas? Crunched keys under dead skin, and ink filled pages surround writers, but what makes you so special? Stephen Blyse seeks to find the truth or as close to it as he can when he explores different stories.
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Covid, the threat that keeps coming back, whether you believe it exists or not, this whole thing is almost as annoying as the generation that follows yours. The Australian government bowed down to pressure, allowing professional sporting stars and other immigrants from India to come back to our country. With the return, the Indian variant… Read more Self-Centered

The School Reunion

Bullying. It never really goes away. Does it?  My family life shaped how I see the world today with visors on. I have little empathy, and even then, it is for television shows and books. My emotional range can vary, but in no way am I a sobering mess. Even if someone close to me… Read more The School Reunion

Trials and Errors

I stood in the local Chinese store. You know, the one where you can find all sorts of goods from cups to plastic plates to cheap, mass-produced pictures sold on canvases. Where I stood was my treasure trove. The corner wall, the lighting dimmed, providing an atmospheric euphoria. I was in search of more canvases,… Read more Trials and Errors

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